Being Green and Colourful

The good thing about gardening is to experience the freedom of being connected to Mother Earth. It is like going back home. Whether you sow a seed or a tiny sprout, nature will show its wonder day after day. Soil, water, sunshine, and the care of the gardener unfold a miracle as the sprout grows, flowers, and produces fruits. Grown from a tiny plot of land at the backyard, these capsicum and chillis are genuinely organic in every sense of the word– no fertiliser, no pesticide, and non-commercial.

Green capsicums (bell peppers) and unripened chillis are grown on a tiny plot of land at the backyard. (Photo: The Green Journo)

Speaking of Gallery of Re-imagined Objects, green objects can be colourfully re-created. Here’s my re-creation:

A colouful creation (Photoshopped by The Green Journo)

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