The Green Journal AU is an evolving blogging platform that aims to communicate socio-political, economic, and environmental issues covering Australia and the Pacific region.

Started in early 2012, this blog collects stories of the grassroots in their struggles to protect their land, water, air, culture, livelihood and well-being against the encroachment of development in the light of government policies. Along with the challenges are are innovative solutions and agenda geared towards a more sustainable future.

On the agenda is climate change against the backdrop of diminishing natural resources and increasing population. This calls for a radical shift in policies, perspectives, and practices.

The Green Journal AU  is an ongoing project that intends to engaged visitors for a collaborative action.

Past Banners

Banner 2015-2019
Global Climate March (Melbourne) before the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement in November 2015.


Banner 2015 A vision for a more sustainable world –shifting from fossil fuels to renewables.


Maiden Banner 2012 – 2014



Contact the publisher- blogger at any time for further help or inquiry.

Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon
Website: www.rowenadelarosa.com
Tweets @DGreenJournal / @rdelarosayoon

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