Digging deeper into the blackhole of climate controversy

National Geographic presents 'Strange days of the planet' and let each viewer to imagine his/her role in this world

The continuing climate debate is a warfare of ideologies. It’s a matter of dogged determination to stand by your conviction– either to the right or to the left.

Both camps are bloody good in dirty politics. The end justifies the means and it’s a matter of choosing which end serves the entire humanity better. Science sceptism belongs to the free-market economy. This camp advocates to make the filthy rich richer and the continue exploiting the weath of the earth. The other camp attempts to stop the exploitation of the poor and powerless and to rescue the earth from further degredation.

The dream book containing natural philosphy written by Thomas Berry

Certainly, natural forces influence the earth’s changing temperature. The planet has undergone cycles of catalysm that have wiped out species for million of years. Volcanos erupt. Tecnonic plates are dislocated. Species face massive extiinction–an apocalyptic warning to humans. The earth exists with or without humans and it owes humans nothing.

What profits then a man to ravage nature’s resources for such as short journey on earth by disrupting the harmony of humanity? Isn’t the earth’s wealth and all its vast spaces intended for all the living and non-living? The Sierra Club, a very influential grassroot environmental group in the US has provided some rich literature that describes the beauty of the earth.

Before the apolalypse, wouldn’t be nice to live in a planet where humans can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat chemical-free farm harvests, along with the marine species which can still swim in an unpolluted habitat and the animals bask in the biodiversity of the plains and wildnesness?

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