Top Five Eco-Movies

Here’s a lighter side of life. I added a page on Eco-Movies  and I want to repost it as a blog entry.

The following movies are my Top Five personal choices. The selection is based on genre, cinematic production, direction, plot, and theme. A film, to be considered excellent, must contain a core message that inspires a viewer to re-think of man’s (or woman’s) relationship to the planet and, if necessary, commands action.

No. 1 – AVATAR 2010 – Directed by James Cameron, it is a landmark sci-fi and futuristic 3D movie in all of its splendour. As excellent as its technical production, its theme has taken viewers to a new dimension of men’s unquenchable greed and conquest beyond the planet Earth. When Earth’s resources are all gone, another planet would be the target for another rampage all in the name of money.

No. 2 – POCAHONTAS 1995 – Walt Disney Productions brings the wisdom of the American Indians in regard to man’s relation to the earth– the mother where all life wells up, nurtured and eventually go back to. The trees and leaves of the grass have their own lives and spirits. Men who chop down the trees for greed show an outright ignorance to the balance and harmony of life.

NO. 3 – LION KING 1994 – The movie shows the beauty and freedom that lies in the wilderness where lions, fowls, zebra and all other animals roam. The most unforgettable quote: “We are all connected in the great circle of life.” It poses a more profound interpretation on the interconnected of all living things in the larger fabric of life.

From the day we arrive on the planet/ And blinking, step into the sun/ There’s more to see than can ever be seen/ More to do than can ever be done/ There’s far too much to take in here/ More to find than can ever be found/ But the sun rolling high/ Through the sapphire sky/ Keeps great and small on the endless round

NO. 4 – WATERWORLD 1995 – “There is no dry land!” laments Mariner (Kevin Costner) after the Earth has been inundated by water caused by the risen sea level. Those who survived the great flood live on boats. Only an orphaned girl who carries the map to Dry Land offers a blink of hope in finding a New Earth.

NO. 5 – AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH 2006 – A documentary which accorded Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize. Ridiculed by climate sceptics, it became one of the most controversial documentary films of the Energy-Climate Era. Gore warns of global warming caused by excessive man-made carbon emissions.


There are other films seen but they probably occupy the next rankings in the list. Among them are Happy Feet, Soylent Green, and Gorilla in the Mist. Happy Feet is an award-winning animation in 2008 while the two other films were viewed several years earlier. Others are hardly remembered.

If you want to enrich these movie entries, please feel free to leave a reply. Thanks.

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