Earth Day Australia?

The United States joins countries around the world today in commemorating Earth Day. Ever since I was involved in the first Earth Day in Massachusetts, way back in 1970, this has always been a day to reflect on our environmental challenges and our responsibility to safeguard our God-given natural resources on a fragile planet we share with the rest of humanity and which we must protect for future generations.

– John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
April 22, 2013

Hands on a globe

Earth Day (Photo: Supplied)

The day passed without notice. Even the mailboxes have not got anything in regard to an event observing Earth Day. Has Australia dropped this event from its calendar? Or  has it been easier to organise an Earth Hour (23 March) which it joined several weeks ago?

The writer of Time said,

It’s Earth Day , though you could be forgiven if you missed it. The annual event doesn’t quite have the same energy as it once did—especially not compared to the first Earth Day 23 years ago.

Yes, Green groups are caught up in dealing with more pressing issues – forestry agreement in Tasmania, saving the Great Barrier Reef from fracking and drilling, dirty coal, alternative energy source, overfishing, etc. Meanwhile, the shelving of Woodside’s LNG in Broome gives a major relief to many residents and communities in WA although businesses are quite disappointed.

WordPress and National Geographic sent the reminders just today– April 22 is Earth Day!

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